February 1995

Goodbye to Grandma

Helpful words from the south...


Hola. I got your fax tonight. It's alright that Grandma died. She was dying, her time in this world had come to an end. I will miss her. I think she made very wise and brave decisions, both to stop chemo and then blood transfusions. She faced her death and I respect her for her strength. I am glad she died peacefully, as much for us who live on as for her. And it is very nice to hear that Meagan came and helped out. I really wonder how Grandpa will do. I wish him strength, because he will need it most now. I wonder how you feel.

For myself, I will light a candle in the old church on March 11th. There is something so pleasing about a small flame of light. And I will cook her a good meal come Day of the Dead, and adorn for her an altar all bright with marigolds and fruit. Somehow Mexico makes loss a bit easier - you continue to interact with the dead here and you can even feast and laugh with them.

Please give Grandpa a good hug for me and tell him I love him -

And goodbye to Grandma.


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