February 4, 2003 - Eric's continual wanderings and Tony's occassional trips to Oaxaca have produced enough photographs that we can share a few of the selects. There are two collections for starters - "People of Oaxaca" and "Pottery Patterns"
April 20, 2002 - The big news is the addition of a completely new tour - a visit to Veracruz on the gulf coast to take in the Afrocaribbean Festival - an eclectic mix of music, theatre and poetry brought together in a week-long festival that is essentially unknown outside of Latin America.
February 13, 2000 - A couple more Tales:"Talking to the Desert" and "Improvements"- Both from a letter written in May 1993.
September 18, 1999 - Tales of the linquistic abilities of the first telephone in the mountain village of Tamazulapan in the land of the Mixe (Mee-hay) indians, and of Eric's experience in trying to repay the gracious hospitality he has long received in the village of San Marcos.
September 15, 1999 - The "Oaxaca Sketchbook" provides details of clay forming and firing techniques.
August 3, 1999 - More Workshop and Field Study "Survivor's Testimonials" have been added, thanks to the fine people at the CLAYART newsgroup.
July 31, 1999 - Two journal entries are added - "Chattin' with Jorge", in which Eric attempts to hold his own in 'over-the-farm-fence reparte', and "Middle of the Rainy" which finds him collecting pottery in high Tonaltepec during the rainy season. Pa also re-instated the "hit" counter.
July 27, 1999 - The Manos de Oaxaca page is spiffed up with the addition of one of Eric's recent slides.
July 15, 1999 - Start stuffing the green into the mason jar and tell your boss you will be gone for a couple of weeks, because the enchanting attraction of the Winter 1999-2000 Workshops and Field Study will surely pull you south.
March 14, 1999 - Papa rustled around in the old file of letters from Oaxaca and came up with two new Tales: "The Adobe House" and "Day of the Dead"
December 1998 - A story of a gift exchange in the mountain land of the Mixe (MEE-hay) is added to "Tales of the South".
October1998 - Information about the winter 1998/99 workshop and tour season.
September1998 - Two new "Tales": Leopoldo's Pots, a description of an artisan and his work, and "of Rain, Corn and Clay", a tale of the rhythm of seasons and work.

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